Itsa me Mario! Super Mario Wedding Ideas

Mario and Peach Toppers

Hands up if you like gaming?

Yes? Mario take your fancy at all?

Good, me too!

And so it came to pass that around 7 years ago (Yikes) whilst frantically deciding how to ‘theme’ our wedding we eventually settled upon our joint love of Retro Gaming Baby! (Well, more I decided)

However that’s not to say our incredibly short shortlist of:

  • Planets
  • Bands

Didn’t rank highly.

So now what…. How do you turn a love of gaming into a wedding theme? Dress as Mario and Peach? Yeh, we’ve done that, honest I’ve got the proof!

Here I present some top Super Mario Wedding Ideas! 

Mario and Peach Fancy Dress


I did consider getting a projector and having a wii console for after the nuptials, that didn’t go down to well though! Something about anti-social behaviour.. anyway.. I digress…

Let me paint a picture. At the time, my dear hubby and I were living in a pretty small, but lovely flat in Canterbury, Cathedral views and an occasional wayward bat (I really am not lying). I thought it would be a brilliant idea to recreate some of the retro original Mario game scenery to be a border around our Marquee… There’d be goomba’s coin boxes and mushrooms!

I ordered a mahooosive amount of flat pack square boxes and set to work on my mission…


Mario creation in progress

The days when phone cameras were naff!




Mario Work in Progress

Coming together




I stood back in awe at my creation coming to life in front of my very eyes… I also looked around to see that Mike (that’s the hubby) and I were slowly losing our flat to my pixelated cardboard box Mario recreation.


Mario Wedding Scenery

My creation Comes to life


Fast forward to the wedding day…. And oh it was so worth it! Seeing everyone’s reactions to the marquee awesomeness, and yes a few people did take it a bit too far, FYI, no a hollow cardboard box will not take your weight no matter how light you are, k?

Mario Wedding Scenery

Uh-Oh goomba alert!




As well as this, I managed to get a bucketload of mini Mario figurines shipped in to use as favours for our guests… Some of my more mature friends couldn’t contain themselves though….

Favours behaving badly

Mature wedding guest fun!


We named each of our tables after Mario worlds from Super Mario 3 and I drew our table plan to look like a recreation of the classic world maps from the game. That was a lot of colouring pencils! Each of the table names were hand drawn


Wedding Table Setup

World 9!


We had a local cakemaker make us some toadstool cakes and had Mario and Peach figurines atop them, before adding this photo I’d like to point out that I am 5ft3 and my hubby is 6ft 7…..


Mario and Peach Toppers

Super Mario and mini Peach

Looking back at this I always smile, it was certainly a day unique to us, it was my first experience of weddings as we were the first of our friends to tie the knot! Wedding blogs were not as prolific as they are these days and there was no Pinterest to inspire me! It just goes to show that you don’t need more than a little seedling of an idea to grow an epic wedding theme!


7 years this year… my how time has flown!

Bride and Groom

Still in love! Still loving Mario!

If you’ve got an idea for a theme you’d love to make a reality do feel free to get in touch, I’m always happy to offer advice and tips and create some stationery for you if you’d like. Hit the button below to email me, or just leave a comment below :)

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