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Come one, Come all. Gather round for today’s dose of meet the stationery

This is a new series where I’ll be introducing you to all of the lovely stationery ranges. Letting you know what went into them all, some behind the scenes pics and concept ideas from my scrapbook!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the, extremely popular, Telegram Wedding Invitations range.


Telegram Wedding Stationery

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography


With vintage wedding themes still incredibly hot at the moment the Telegram range is a firm favourite with Whippy fans. The original was created for a Victoriana Shoot with Rebecca Douglas as part of a range of goodies. It’s evolved a little since then, but the key features are still the same.

Theatre Royal Telegram Photo

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

One of my favourite parts of the invitation is the custom postmark. The tiniest details on this invitation just make it what it is. Every space has been utilised to add little personal touches to make it unique to the couple.

Telegram Invitation Postmark

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

I’ve spent a long time tinkering in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to apply the right level of texture and effects to make it look like a really old telegram, a slight text offset and blur and hints of mis-print.

zoomed in photo of telegram

A super zoomed in photo of the details

Last year when I was beginning to prepare for launching Whippy Weddings I had a client ask me how we could add names to the telegram.. and so came the idea for the Sumptuous telegram invitation package. I added a dinky A7 sized version of the telegram to act as an RSVP and also added a slip of paper containing the guests names. I found THESE adorable miniature paperclips from King of Retro and Distressed Tim Holtz and they complete the look perfectly.

And so the invitation is now in it’s current, lovely form!

Moving onto the rest of the range…

There are the adorable floral tags. These are machine cut and again they use the same process of aging to give them an authentic look. They look equally good tied with twine and ribbon! Great if you’ve got an array of mis-matched cups and saucers!

Large floral tags

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

Equally exciting are the iddy-diddy-mini tags. They work beautifully tied around cloth napkins, or around the base of glasses, as you can see in this picture from the Steampunk range! These are printed and cut in house using a die cutting machine. They are ever so tiny! But look adorable once made up.

Miniature guest name tags

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

One of the bits I was excited about when this theme was coming together was creating a table plan in a suitcase! Whilst these have waned in popularity over the last couple of years, I still think it works so, so well with this theme. The lovely Clair from Alice in the teacup provided the suitcase to hire and I got to work creating the table plan! Miniature in size, it uses the same processes as the rest of the range to ensure it’s authentic look!

Telegram Suitcase table plan

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

I’ve included some pictures of the first version of the invitation through to how it looks today! Not a mega change, but enough to stand out!

The great thing about this range, is that it isn’t wedding specific! If you’d like to use this design for a party, birth announcement etc, that would look totally ace! In fact it’s already been used for birthday parties!

If you’re interested in the telegram range you can click here to find out more information.

So there you have it! One down….. a few more to go!

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What would you like to see featured next week? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Hassaan says:

    Hi Jennie,

    First of all, Awesome Blog. Yes, still I need to explore each and every thing like a sneaky Content Lover.

    But, I have arrived here for the first time, and seriously it looks great.

    Ah, Weddings are awesome, if you’re not on the main stage. lol… No, Seriously, Wedding is really okay.

  • A friend says:

    You are obviously passionate about what you do and it shines through. The telegram range is adorable – well done and keep designing! xx

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