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Today i’d like to delve more into your new favourite range, the Infographic range….  Now this range was inspired by my own love of statistics and data and diagrams and all manner of geeky statistic-y things.

Quirky Product Photography in Kent

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

One of the key things that I wanted this design to have is the trademark long and thin look of a traditional infographic, you know the kind you see on Pinterest.


This is where the Z fold or concertina design came in. On first look it appears as though this is a traditional square folded card. However, upon closer inspection you marvel as it unfolds before you to unveil all the delightful dates and details about your special day.

Quirky Product Photography in Kent

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

The key feature on the design, and this is changeable, as everything else is, is the monogrammed Venn Diagram. I LOVE venn diagrams, and could not think of a sweeter use then the coming together of two people!


The best part of the design is that the rest, is entirely up to you…  In our example the middle third holds a timeline of special events from first date, first kiss, first holidays etc…
It also includes sweet drawings of some special events. You can see a little closer here.

The bottom third contains a custom map along with the date, time and location of the ceremony.
you can see it closer up here:


With this you have 6 thirds to play with and fill with information. Here’s some examples of things you may want to include

  • Wedding Information such as location, date, time
  • Menu options
  • Directions/maps
  • Gift information
  • Details of the wedding party
  • Timeline of your journey so far
  • Timeline of the big day
  • Fun facts about you both
  • RSVP
  • Pictures of your time together

I’m working on a prototype in which the bottom third will be a tear off RSVP and menu choice card. That can be posted straight back to the couple. The reverse will have a postcard design.

Quirky Product Photography in Kent

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

That’s the joy of my designs, I love being able to tailor them and tinker with them so that they are truly unique to you. I’ll guide you and offer advice along the way, but the choice is entirely yours.

The range also comes with a matching range of stationery including the awesome Mad-libs game… Seriously this is so much fun for your guests to complete and you can use the standard text or supply your own funny story!

Quirky Product Photography in Kent

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

If there’s something you’ve got a burning desire to see just give me a shout! There’s very little I won’t turn my hand to :)

If you’d like to see some more information about the infographic range just click here to see the whole range in all it’s glory.

If you’d like to enquire about ordering you can email me

If you’d like to see some bespoke design work, just head on over here baby

I’d love to know what you think of this range. Feel free to leave a comment or get in touch :)

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Photography: Rebecca Douglas

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