5 Cracking Wedding Table Icebreakers

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The vows are over, the champagne has been popped and now it’s time for the wedding feast of all feasts to begin… You’ve spent ages meticulously planning where to best place your guests ensuring that your uncle, who’s guaranteed to talk the hind legs off a donkey isn’t sat next to your fiery granny who has an incredibly short fuse, no one wants to see those fireworks….

Everyone finds their way to their seat aided by your beautiful table plan, the starters are brought out, and so the awkward silence’s commence, well all except for the table crammed with your friends, they need no introductions. 

Here I present 5 wedding table icebreakers … enjoy!

Photography By Rebecca Douglas Photography

Photography By Rebecca Douglas Photography

Friends At A Wedding

Photography by Photocall UK

Sound familiar? It’s not going to be that bad, honestly, people will naturally communicate with eachother, it’s human nature, that and the drinks will likely already be flowing (seriously, my brother in law once vowed to move to Dubai after a rather heartfelt, and alcohol fueled, discussion with the bride’s family during the meal. FYI he is still on UK turf)

Photography By Rebecca Douglas Photography

Photography By Rebecca Douglas Photography

But if you do want to aid the bonding there are many ways you can do it, and here i’ll try to sum up 5 ways that you can get your guests bonding that little bit easier……

However, do keep in mind that not everyone wants to play games, so just make sure things are kept optional! You don’t want to end up making your guests feeling uncomfortable.


1. Games.

I was recently listening to Kat Williams (of RockNRoll Bride fame) live Q&A session, and a question was asked of this very nature. She mentioned how she had once been to a wedding where the couple had provided board games on every table.. Now i’m not sure Risk or Monopoly are going to be on the short list here (Monopoly almost caused me and the husband to divorce) we’re talking Mouse Trap, Buckaroo, Guess Who, Hungry, Hungry Hippo’s… you get the idea….. just make sure you calm everyone down before the speeches start.




2. Mad libs

A favourite of mine… You supply the words and the guests fill in the blanks, you spend the next few days laughing hysterically at the whitty things your guests have written about you. You can DIY it with this free printable I designed over at Creative Brides. Alternatively if you’re looking for something more personalised just get in touch.

Photography By Rebecca Douglas Photography

Photography By Rebecca Douglas Photography


3. Quiz Night

Well… sort of.. Everybody loves a good quiz. In this case note down some interesting facts/questions about both of you and get your guests to see if they can answer them. The table/team with the most correct answers wins a prize. Ta da!

Questions could be something like

  1. Which one of us fell out of a tree and broke our arm when we were 5?
  2. What’s Lisa’s favourite drink?
  3. Where did Alan propose?
Photography by Gin Soak

Photography by Gin Soak

If this is something you’d like for your wedding I’d be happy to create something for you just contact me


4. Toys

And not just for the kids table.. There’s a small child bursting to get out of all of us really. At our wedding each place setting had a miniature Nintendo toy, we’re talking Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser etc.. They made some very interesting photos and lots of fun and swapsies amongst guests.

Toad Wedding Favour



5. Photo challenge.

Everyone loves snapping photo’s at a wedding and there’s a few ways you can get your guests involved. One of the more traditional ways is to leave disposable cameras on each table and let your guests go wild with them, plenty of surprises when you get them developed.

Photography by Ginger May

Photography by Ginger May

However, in a more technological age, guests have been exploring other options such as using a #hashtag so guests can upload photo’s to social media (think Instagram, Facebook and twitter). There are also apps available that will enable your guests to auto upload their phone piccies to an album using a username/password you supply (a little bit more private than the #hashtag option, but can cost money!)


Regardless of the method of photo capturing you choose you can turn it into a fun game by getting your guests to work from a checklist of photo’s you supply such as

  • Bride and Groom kissing
  • Something blue
  • Bubbles
  • Sparkles
  • Everyone at your table
  • Youngest guest
  • Snazzy Dresser
  • Best Dancer
  • Yummy food

You can then get your guests to upload their photos or take photos and assign them a number or a team name. If you’re using a disposable camera you can write on the camera. If you’re going down the #hashtag route you can add another #teamhashtag and if you’re going down the app route you can create multiple albums or get the guests to tag the photos.. etc. etc…

If you’d like some help developing a list, or would like some help designing it, just get in touch. I’d be happy to help.

Wedding Table Decor



So there you have it, 5 very different ideas you can use to break the ice amongst your guests and for them to have a little bit of fun :)

Have you been to a wedding with icebreakers? What’s your thoughts on them? Any you’d add to the list? Let me know below!

Speak soon!




Rebecca Douglas Photography


  • Julie hurst says:

    My daughter is getting married 27th June and has asked me to sort out ice breaker game for the tables
    Can you help?

    • Hello Julie,

      Of course. Hopefully the ideas above have given you some food for thought. If you are looking for templates and actual games to download and print (i.e. the Madlibs or a quiz for example) I can help with that (please get in touch via the contact tab) or alternatively looking on Pinterest or Google for traditional conent in these can help.

      If you’re looking for games and larger quantities of them charity shops are a great starting place or sometimes supermarkets do their own named versions of popular board games.

      I hope your daughter has a wonderful day.


  • I wish I had found you sooner like 2012 with my own wedding.
    I like the photo challenge and posting it on Instagram so cool, might use this idea for a birthday party.
    Running off to read more.

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