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A Very Important Update

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First and foremost I’d like to thank you all for you overwhelming support and enthusiasm for Whippy Weddings since we launched last year! I’ve been amazed at your comments, feedback and general whippy buzz! It’s been truly awesome!

It is therefore with a very heavy heart (and a very glittery carpet) that I’ve made the decision to close up shop for the foreseeable future! There’s a million and one reasons I’ve made this decision and there have been lots of tears and tantrums involved! (and chocolate…) 

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5 Cracking Wedding Table Icebreakers

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The vows are over, the champagne has been popped and now it’s time for the wedding feast of all feasts to begin… You’ve spent ages meticulously planning where to best place your guests ensuring that your uncle, who’s guaranteed to talk the hind legs off a donkey isn’t sat next to your fiery granny who has an incredibly short fuse, no one wants to see those fireworks….

Everyone finds their way to their seat aided by your beautiful table plan, the starters are brought out, and so the awkward silence’s commence, well all except for the table crammed with your friends, they need no introductions. 

Here I present 5 wedding table icebreakers … enjoy!

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Meet The Stationery: It’s Telegram Monday

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Meet The Stationery Header

Come one, Come all. Gather round for today’s dose of meet the stationery

This is a new series where I’ll be introducing you to all of the lovely stationery ranges. Letting you know what went into them all, some behind the scenes pics and concept ideas from my scrapbook!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the, extremely popular, Telegram Wedding Invitations range.


Telegram Wedding Stationery

Photography by Rebecca Douglas Photography

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Mario and Peach Toppers

Itsa me Mario! Super Mario Wedding Ideas

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Hands up if you like gaming?

Yes? Mario take your fancy at all?

Good, me too!

And so it came to pass that around 7 years ago (Yikes) whilst frantically deciding how to ‘theme’ our wedding we eventually settled upon our joint love of Retro Gaming Baby! (Well, more I decided)

However that’s not to say our incredibly short shortlist of:

  • Planets
  • Bands

Didn’t rank highly.

So now what…. How do you turn a love of gaming into a wedding theme? Dress as Mario and Peach? Yeh, we’ve done that, honest I’ve got the proof!

Here I present some top Super Mario Wedding Ideas! 

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What happens when you mix tropical birds, neon brights and a wedding?

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So.. Picture this…

I’m sat one evening having a nice cup of tea after a busy day, and up pops a message from the lovely Rebecca Douglas from Rebecca Douglas Photography asking me if i’d like to take part in a styled shoot she was part of, organised by the lovely Jenny Sinclair from Bellaboo and Beau.

Sure, sure I say… my interest is piqued…. What’s the theme?

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